Having spent the last ten years as a dive guide/photographer learning fish behavior and spawning events around the waters of Palau I have been able to photograph and learn some rare and unique behaviors. 

Sam's Tours Unique Dive Expeditions

 I am lucky enough to be able to shoot underwater wildlife photography practically everyday and enjoy sharing my knowledge and techniques with others. I run workshops with Sam’s Tours Unique Dive Expeditions every month around new moon and full moon’s. Leading photographers and non photographers to witness spawning events ( large schools of fish reproducing) around certain sites in Palau. These expeditions are focused mainly around wide angle techniques, lighting and how to get close to your subjects.

In between these trips I concentrate on blackwater night diving and macro photography with a twist of wreck photography thrown in as well. That really is the beauty of diving in Palau and one of the reason’s I have lived here for over ten years. There really is no end to the diversity of this place and limitless amounts of photographic opportunities. 

Unique Dive Expeditions aboard the Palau Siren

Myself and Paul Collins have also teamed up with the Siren Fleet to offer five exclusive photography and videography workshops, running Unique Dive Expeditions aboard Palau’s most luxury live aboard the Palau Siren. These workshops are also based around lunar spawning events like the Bumphead parrotfish, new moon and Twin spot snapper full moon with blackwater night diving offered in the evenings. Throughout the week presentations of fish behavior and technical areas of photo/video techniques like composition, exposures, lighting and general camera settings are discussed in an effort to greater everyones understanding of the behavior of the marine life and to improve our photography.

To join our trips you do not have to have the most recent up to date DSLR on the market or even class yourself as a good photographer just wanting to learn more about the environment or how to improve simple aspects of your photography is all it takes. Our trips however are not aimed at beginner divers, currents,spawning dives, blue water diving and blackwater diving all require good buoyancy and although possibly a novice photographer we do ask you to be a confident diver.

Advice and Presentations

During our trips we will be on hand throughout the day to give individual advice on how to improve your photography or problems you may be encountering. We will also be finishing the day with an informal presentation on certain topics and discuss tomorrows dives.

Not only are we here to try and teach you what we have learnt over the years but also what we can all learn from each other. Photography is an art and although you generally need to get the fundamentals right to get a good picture there is so much we can all share and learn from each other.


For more information on our workshops or private classes please contact me or click on the links provided.


During the months of August to October we will be running a number of expeditions outside of Palau. These will include the Philippines, Mexico, Truk Lagoon and the North Carolina.

For more information regarding our trips outside of Palau please go to for more details.