Unique Dive Expeditions was co-founded by Richard Barnden and Paul Collins in 2012 and is a product of Sam's Tours, one of Palau's premier dive shops. Richard and Paul have more than twenty years combined knowledge of guiding under Palau's waters, specialising in spawning aggregations and their predictabilities. After spending the last eight years studying certain spawning events they now offer guaranteed spawning expeditions during the day and blackwater diving at night. These expeditions are tailored around moon phases every month and at certain seasons of the year to witness different species of fish reproducing/spawning. Unique Dive Expeditions are led with passion and knowledge from either Richard, Paul or one of their experienced guides. Only spending hours in the water observing these events and having the knowledge to understand them can guarantee you get the right experience. A completely different style of diving, its not just about luck, timing is everything.

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Sam's Tours - Unique Dive Expeditions (Land Based)

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Designed with the same precision, Unique Dive Expeditions has spread its wings further afield to now offer world wide diving expeditions. These expeditions have been researched over the last few years to offer the best possible period to dive that location for a specific purpose or to target something special, just like our dives in Palau. Each destination has a specific species we target, combine this along with photography and video workshops and you have a truly unique experience.

So far we have added Galapagos, French Polynesia, California (Channel Islands), Mexico (Baja),Truuk Lagoon, Philippines, Indonesia and North Carolina.


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